Sunday, March 10, 2013

Late 12-2010 and 01-2011 posts restored

My trading style has evolved over the time I have maintained this blog and have leaned towards new setups and new ways of seeing the market. However, the early articles are still relevant and extremely educational. These articles had lost their images due to deletion on the server.

Thanks to the contribution from readers worldwide, most of the early articles have been restored from images submitted by various readers.

I have regenerated images for posts dated 2011-01-10 to 2011-01-14. Those charts do not have their original markings. If anyone has these charts, please submit them for restoration.

Thanks to everyone for their continuing support. I hope to be able to continue posting with regularity and end the dearth of posts over the last several months.

Update: All images have been restored. Thanks to my readers.

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